Getting started

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Here i’ll try to explain how to get started with Ctrlr. What’s what, how Ctrlr is built I’ll be using Ctrlr in Standalone mode. What does it mean ? Well if you downloaded Ctrlr there are 2 ways you can run it. – Standalone, this means you start Ctrlr as any other program in your… Read more »

Expressions in Ctrlr

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Expression are used to calculate values that Ctrlr sends to the device, and when they return in form of MIDI messages. To understand expressions we first need to know 2 things: 1. Modulator lifetime 2. Expressions overview 3. Expression functions 1. Modulator lifetime. The lifetime of a modulator, when we look at it as an… Read more »

Uploading a new panel

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This is a short guide on how to upload a new panel you have created so that it appears in the “Panels” section of   This site runs on WordPress so anything that happens here is done via the WordPress engine. In this case, a database entry is a new post in the “Database”… Read more »