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Cool! Respect for the effort which I find very worthwhile. Can CTRLR4 and panels for it still be found somewhere?

I own soundtower’s standalone editor, and have tried their plugin version in demo mode. But judging by the DW8000 panel I like the idea of free community made panels for CTRLR more.
I don’t know anything about programming and if I understand right, some programming is required for panels with advanced functionality. I have formal training in visual arts though, am quite capable of rendering visual elements in blender for instance and would realy like to help in any way to see open source Evolver panel getting done.

I have a suggestion concerning the functionality of the panel, as Evolver is quite powerfull synth because of its routing capabilities I find interface soultions that i have seen so far for its “routing matrix” less than perfect and bit uninspiring. As routing is basicaly connecting different “modules” or “values” I think it would be realy important and make things easier if somehow all input and output points for the matrix would be clearly visible “where they are” an not in some separate dropdown menu aside form all other “groups of functions”. Imagine if you could connect different outputs and inputs with some kind of “cable” representation. Even puting inputs and outputs right next to the values that can accept them or send them would be cool.. Sorry if this has alredy been done, I am a noob. 🙂


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