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Slight update…

I think I have the ‘Sound parameter dump request’ working now.
The thing is you have to specify a User sound number (64-95) as part of the request. Previously I was leaving it as 0, which is not a User sound.

So this Sound parameter request appears to work to get the parameters for the first internal user sound:
0f0 02f 050 009 040 0f7

From reading through the earlier messages in this thread I am guessing the way to use the sound parameter data returned from the hardware would be to somehow process it into an array in Ctrlr, build a UI to modify the parameters in the array, along with some function that recognises when a parameter has changed which then sends the entire array back to the hardware as a sysex dump to write the changed sound into a spare User sound number.

Is this kind of thing possible in Ctrlr now and if so how complicated is it to set up?