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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info ! I’m pretty new to Ctrlr and Sysex so it’s quite overwhelming ;p

I’ve actually found one of Bomma72’s builds with an Atom tweak on it , the MKS 50 panel – which did take a snapshot in to Ctrlr of a patch once a “tone” button was physically pressed on the MKS50. Of course, there’s no tone button on the AlphaJuno1.

However, when you simply change from one patch to another, Voila ! Bomma72 /Atom’s MKS50 panel works a treat. I have to say, I was sickened with it – it’s absolutely excellent.

Next step for me is to get Ctrlr working inside Ableton as currently I have to use it manually outslde the app as I’ve only one Midex8 midi interface and the Ctrlr doesn’t seem to connect when it’s run as a plugin even though I wasn’t using the Midex for anything else in the project.

Must……get….full.,…..automation……on……filters………. !!!!!!

Excellent – it was a super day for me in AlphaJuno land, absolutely super ;-D


Thanks guys ;-D

PS: Bommer/Atom’s pannel is here for anyone who comes across this thread and hasn’t already seen the panel:

Roland MKS-50 Advanced

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