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OK just an update – I’ve had a few breakthroughs with my understanding of how to use the editor and now understand the proper “z4” token needs to be inserted in SysEx strings for the Roland checksum. So far the controls I’ve added to my panel are working (yay). It doesn’t look pretty yet however I’m pretty handy with Photoshop and have a background in graphic design so I will skin it to look identical to the MPG80 panel (but two panels high allowing tweaking of Upper and Lower Tones simultaneously) once it is 100% functional.

Just thought I should let others here know so that anyone else with a MKS80 wanting a panel doesn’t double up on the work I’m doing.

Actually it would be great to see a show of hands of MKS80 owners on this forum – just post back on this thread and I will be grateful for any testing you can do on beta versions.

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