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I searched Google Images for a good top view image of the MPG80 top panel and discovered a fairly rough image that looks like it may have been scanned from the owners manual (a line drawing). I figured I would start with that, using it as the background for the panel and imported it (and then later tidy up the image in Photoshop and re-import it in place). I’ve used the background image to size and place the knobs/sliders placing them over the top of each control as I worked to give me a guide.

I’ve used MIDI Monitor to watch SysEx strings incoming from the iPad Lemur’s MKS80 editor which has been fine for the most part. The only headscratching coming into play with regards to the way the Lemur has combined Polarity switches and amounts for some parameters into a single control where the MPG80 has separate controls (e.g. VCF Envelope Modulation amount on the Lemur version is a single bi-polar slider however on MPG80 there is a separate polarity switch and independent amount). I will consult the proper MKS80 MIDI SysEx implementation guide to see if that will give me better data to work with.

I have attached my “alpha” version so far to this thread so you can see where I’m at.

All controls present that you see have been tested and are verified working so far. Controls currently only target the Upper tone currently but I plan to create a Lower tone control panel to allow simultaneous editing of Upper and Lower tones (better to see parameters for both Upper and Lower at the same time I feel rather than flipping tabs).

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