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Here’s more detail of the problem I have selecting the outputs in the panel. At the moment I dont have any more analog output options. No matter what output is selected The Virus still outputs on Out 1 L&R.

This is related to the overrides issue.

But as I don’t have in the Snow so many outs, I don’t know the sysex message needed for each out.
Could you connect the Virus to a midi monitor and select all outs one by one (in the Virus) to write down which message the Virus sends, and put it here?

The standalone version allows Out 1 L / L&R / R which appears to select the correct Output, but selecting Out 2 or Out 3 doesn’t appear to select these Outs. But then again I havent placed an override file anywhere to adjust the standalone version.

The standalone version doesn’t need the overrides file, only the vst.

If you have the same problems with the standalone version, there must be another issue.
Can you control fx and arp in the standalone version?

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