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OSC 1 Type: Can change on Virus and hear the resulting difference, not reflected in panel, changing this on the panel doesn’t change the OSC type on the virus, but does send Midi to the Virus
OSC 3 (I can change these on the virus and hear the difference)
Matrix: Panel reflects how Virus is setup for the patch, changes to the virus can be heard, but not reflected in the panel
Arp: Turning on the Arp in the panel doesn’t invoke the Arp on the Virus. Turning on the Arp on the virus doesn’t change the panel.
FX1: Not much other than Chorus seems to work.
FX2: Delay seems to work, Reverb doesn’t.
Common: Selecting outputs. Same result as previous post.

This is not related to .overrides file, and I think I now what it is. Sysex messages aren’t being sent by the panel, only CCs messages are sent.

1. Be sure MIDI DEVICE ID is set to the same value on the Virus and on the panel (this parameter can’t be changed with a sysex message, so you have to adjust it on both the Virus and the panel).

2. Select on the panel a different Part and select again on the panel the original Part (if you are on Part 1, for example, select Part 2 and again select Part 1). Now tweak on the Virus OSC1, for example. The panel should react.
I think a variable is not being activated unless you change Part on the panel. I’m working on a fix, but please test the above.

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