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Thanks for the reply Atom,

Well last night I finally managed to figure some things out..

First of all I am having problems increasing the number of “Max Exported VST Parameters” it seems to be stuck at 64 and wont save a new number like 256 or 512.

I ended up going into my panel and renumbering the VST Index numbers for each modulator/slider… they were really high numbers… problably due to me having a few extra panels open when I started the new panel, so it just kept assigning higher numbers.. as high as 400 or more.

So when I changed the VST index number to anything below 64, then reload the panel in FL.. the FL Plugin browser would begin to show the modulator names in the list of parameters under Current Project>Generators>Fruity Wrapper Instigator in the FL Browser.
So finally I was able to click on FL’s “Multilink to Controllers”, move the panel slider, move my keyboard’s knob and whalla! The real knob moves the GUI knob.. yay! 🙂

So now it’s down to- how do I lock in a higher number than 64 for Max Export Parameters??

I have many other questions too and perhaps in the next few days you can help me with them as well.. but for now, just getting that VST Export Parameter number higher is a good start.

OS is Win7 Pro
Ctrlr Revision = 1655, Build date = 2013/12/29 00:32:59
FL Studio 11.0.2

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