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I finally found time to boot up the machines and work on the panel some more. Unfortunately, it seems like my D50 does not respond to the Sysex at all. I suspect I might be missing something on the D50, but after re-reading the manual and more, everything is setup how it should be to receive Sysex.

I also tried monitoring the Sysex input from the synth when changing parameters on it to see if I was sending the wrong message. However, it seems that even though I am sending and receiving notes from it in CTRLR, I can’t seem to receive any messages from the parameter editing. So it’s proving a bit hard to find out if I’m sending the right messages at all. I do suspect the Bitstream 3x to be an accurate list.
I have added a screenshot of the Bitstream editor interface if that can be of any help, as well as the current state of the panel according to macrodx post.

I have quite a clear idea of the layout, so once i get the parameter editing working, it should hopefully be easier to get the rest together.

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