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Layzer – you absolutely rock!

Many thanks! I’ll have to search out this Knob Man tool. I tried watching your video on building the PG300 however it seems the resolution was a little too low to see precisely what’s happening however I get the idea however (clever piece of software).

Just a heads up – I accidentally stretched the dimensions of the background image with a mousing stuff up when I loaded it into the Panel as a background image. It’s true dimensions should be 1000 x 406 pixels. It’s making it look a little weird and degrades the quality of the image with that stretching. I figure it is functional at the moment (and I was dying to have a tweak and make some music) and I will fix that later since all the Modulators will need to be rescaled and repositioned to the proper dimensions.

In the days ahead I’m considering releasing a new version which edits both Tone Upper and Lower simultaneously (which is going to be awesome for making big fat Dual mode sounds). This will mean I’ll have to scale the GUI down a fair amount to avoid it taking too much screen realestate.

I’m thinking of moving the “global” Patch settings from the bottom strip of parameters to the top (Globals make more sense to me at the top!). Then I’ll be moving all parameters for Tone upper so they run in a single long horizontal strip with Tone Lower appearing in a long strip below it. In order to accomodate that (so it will fit on people’s monitors OK). The Photoshop master file I’m using is much higher resolution than the PNG I export to accommodate bigger displays (e.g. Retina)

Although this will be breaking away from the traditional layout of the MPG-80 I think it will be more intuitive and easier to compare parameters between Upper and Lower tones while editing.



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