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Hi Atom, many thanks for responding.

OK the situation is this: My panel has a feature to save the modulator settings to disk as a .syx file. On loading this file back into the panel the modulator values are reset from the data. As each modulator is set it sends its corresponding sysex message to the synth.
However the resulting sound seems incomplete. This process generates a large amount of small sysex messages in a very short amount of time and probably swamps the synths processor.
So one line of thought was to introduce a small ‘pause’ between each modulator being set, to give time for each resulting sysex message to get through.

I understand that using ‘sleep’ is a big programming NO (I probably should not have refered to it in the title). I was thinking more along the lines of a ‘busy wait’ and wondered if anyone had used the ‘timer class‘ for something like this. I realise that timer intended for animation and that it requires a callback to work, so this is probably a very long shot. But hey if you don’t ask…

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