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I’ve uploaded my panels in the download place
One needs to re-add text files in LUA or it will have errors , however not a problem
-The combos lose their colour settings and listbox not visibles at start up in last version
-pure virtual call errors at startup since 1500 ( 1460 works normally )

Atom please can you check quickly the RA panel ? i can’t fix the fx chaos at startup !
Tried some things at “called when the panel finished loading” but nothing to do
There is only 4 scripts for fx’s. They react well but it’s chaos at startup
I think this can be caused by the EDIT mode
I explain ex : when i switch EDIT/NORMAL mode when i construct panels , i have some elements that not correctly displayed (mi – visibles)
So i doubt when a panel is created (loaded) it is in EDITmode , no ? That can explain why “fx chaos” at startup…

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