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Hello again all,

finally I´ve got a demo panel to present. Actually it´s more than a demo. I wanted to have envelope control for my panels so this turned into a fully useable control and therefore took a while longer…
Maybe you want to give it a shot.
About the demo panel:
i´ve included a button that lets you switch between two envelope templates. One is a Roland D20 pitch envelope, which also connects to the slider modulators.
The other one is a Korg DW style envelope with ADBSSR.
Take a look at the template code files (via the lua editor, in group Envelope Templates). The envelope is based on a basic set of properties for each point.
The entire framework is such that you can put as many envelopes on your panel as you like. They all use the same set of codefiles. If anyone finds it useful I can write some documentation on how to integrate it into panels and set up envelope points.

Edit: The first file version had a bug. Forgot the isRestoring check on the template switch button…

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