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I do AU builds BUT i don’t know how will they work on different OSX versions. This is the problem, i do builds on 10.8.5 right now (the new nightly will be done on that), from what i’ve seen on JUCE forums this might cause issues on any lower OSX version. I’d need some information on what build settings to use to get compatibility downwards, or maybe a definite answer on what OSX version to use and what XCode/SDK versions to use.

This is very problematic because it changes often (XCode5 is out now and i have to start using that). I would like to stay at some XCode version but if I do that i won’t be able to keep up to date with JUCE. It’s a mess really.

what i’ll try to do in the latest nightly is to build on 10.8 and see if it will load on 10.7 I have on the gifted Macbook pro (the 10.8 i have is inside VMware)

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