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I’ll quickly post an example of what i mean:

Assuming that you have a lua method that pops up a dialog called myMethod, you attach it to a button on the panel, it will open that dialog whenever you open the instance or load the panel, there are 2 methods available to check what state Ctrlr is in (bootstrap state and program state), you need to check both to know 100% you can display any dialogs, below i wrapped that check into one simple method called “isReady” and used that, this should only open the dialog when someone clicks on the button.

myMethod = function(mod, value)
	if isReady() then
		utils.infoWindow ("Title", "Info")

isReady = function()
	if panel:getBootstrapState() == false and panel:getProgramState() == false then
		return (true)
		return (false)
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