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Not at export no, the fact that those settings are re-set at export is something i intended.

The idea is that once you set them they get saved with the project, though this is a bug i fixed in the latest sources. The latest nightly will have a fix, you should not set any defaults at export time, none of theese settings are a good default idea. But they need to be saved across project loads.

hey Atom.. forgive me but I’m not following the logic.
If said settings are *required* for the MIDI info to be passed correctly in order to make the VST communicate to/from the synth then how/why are “none of these settings a good default idea”??

What I want is for users to be able to load the VST into their DAW and have ALL the MIDI thru and plugin options set so they don’t need to configure these options every time they load the vst.

IN the meantime I have just recommended to users they set up the VST “MIDI Thru” and “Plugin Options” under the midi menu to the correct settings then save the project as a template to pull up later.

I’m interested to know why the required settings in order to make the vst work are not a “good default idea”.. doesn’t compute.

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