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i could upload the xml file
my RA receives correctly osc2 shapes
I send f0-3e-11-sysexID(RA must be set on 0)-20-20-soundID-00-10-value-chksm-f7

To check :
move the osc2shpe on the panel to ext.mono
then on the RA push shift , then stay pushed on peek and turn 1st knob the RA would display ext.mono
be sure the panel and the RA are on the same sound , first use the edit buttons on the panel to be sure
Verify you use the RA os 1.05
You can also use a blank panel open the midi monitor and see what sysex RA sends
when you move osc2shape and compare.
Also normally when you move osc2 shpe on the RA , the osc2 shpe must move in the RA panel too. Is it the case ?

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