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Any progress? I would be very pleased and grateful from just AFM sound editing possibilities with clear and fast user interface.

Everything else, like combining 1-AFM to 2-AFM etc. could be done on SY-77 easily, but basic patch editing takes ages, while searching right parameter settings.
Absence of decent editor for SY-77 causes my synth to be totally unused, and that is a shame. It’s a great machine.

So, if you get your editor to that point that it could be easily used to edit AFM-patches, please upload it here.

All alternative editors there is are unusable IMO, even commercial MIDI Quest. They have so lousy user interface that it is easier and faster to just use SY77 to do everything.

What I am looking from editor program is that it brings fast and intuitive knob per function UI to synths that lacks it.
Current editors like SY-manager and MIDI Quest have tried to implement every possible function there is -but their programmers doesn’t quite seem to understand how important usability is for sound editing, they are full of very small tiny spots that should be dragged with mouse to do something. mY Wrists would get broken after couple days when using them. Their editor windows are not even scalable, which makes them even worse.

Please save us from using them! 🙂

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