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    Hello Everybody,

    I am have bought me a S2000 and I found this panel. I already use panels for other synth.

    How can I connect with the S2000 I have a midi iconnect and have the following questions:

    1. any setting I have todo on S2000?
    2. I know how to setup the CTRL, anything special?

    Thanks in advance



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    Wow, same story for me 2. What kind of vibe or energy you guys need to get all this back on track ? It sounds like a good plan

    As user, would you confirm that the sound from hardware sampler is great or do you thing it is worthless nowadays with modern daws and computers ?

    I could get my hand on S2000 and shove a floppy emulator in it, but I would really be happy to support all this with a control panel, and all seemed to be on the way !! I’d be following this thread hopping that it will come back to life one day and that this project is going to resurrect like the Phoenix !!

    Full vibes, full support


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    the s2000 is a good sampler with good D / A converters and is a powerful synthesizer. only it is not very user-friendly, you have to spend some time there. The + is that it can read midi files on DOS floppy disk, so it can be used in live without a computer. With extensive storage media such as an external hard drive (scsi) or a zip drive or cd-rom + the software akai mesa, it is a well-supplied workstation. You just have to like manipulating media, hacking a bit and saving memory. For the control of the machine, there are several possibilities: either on the machine itself having a good knowledge of it, or with panels (ctrlr, cubase pro), we still wait … or even with the midi-ox mixermap by converting commands from another synth to sysex messages received by the s2000; that’s what I’m working on right now: access virus A> midi-ox> akai s2000. In any case, it’s midi programming. To transfer sounds, a good solution is to edit the sounds on your computer and then transfer them with the software akai mesa via scsi. a control panel will hardly fulfill this function. The s2000 accepts the hxc floppy disk emulator quite well, I had mounted one and it worked but finally, I gave a mechanical diskette drive, I find that it is much more manageable on this machine because it can read akai format programs and midi files in DOS format. There it becomes more complicated to play with a USB key.


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    Have anyone tried a SD2SCSI adapter on any hardware sampler how did it turn out?


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    why do people want to put SD or usb adapters? !! use the original SCSI elements, it’s the best and the cheapest.


    human fly
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    • ★★★★

    USB floppy for S2000, forget it.
    SCSI2SD seems like a reasonable proposition, if you can get a 3 header SCSI ribbon
    with the back port connection on it – who wouldn’t want a silent flash hard drive?

    but SCSI ZIP100 is very adequate, as are SCSI hard drives.
    You still have the proprietary Akai format for samples.
    so ideally, you’ll want ChickenSystems Translator if you just want to load up stuff
    from a PC/Mac hard drive, converting Wavs’n’stuff.

    another way you might use an Akai is to have a little server PC with a SCSI card,
    and fire stuff over using Soundforge or Recycle via SCSI – pretty cool.

    but you might get best results actually *doing some sampling* and making your own
    sounds on the fly, in which case ZIP is good enough, and SCSI2SD is very justified
    as a repository for all your work to date (and any other stuff you manage to load).

    an internal ZIP is nice. have one in my ESI4000. i Translate stuff on PC with a USB
    Zip drive, then take it over to the ESi. but i’ve got a SCSI CF reader kicking around,
    have to get round to fitting it.

    Jaz drive ! forgot about that… you can find Jaz drives with 2GB carts. worth getting
    onto if you find them cheap-cheap. (no idea about reliability etc. – or speed)

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