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    Hi, I’m still looking for the best host for ctrlr vst’s.
    It should allow:
    controlling of (all) parameters of ctrlr vst’s with an external controller (BCR2000, …).
    – Automation record of parameters change.
    – sherry on the top: feedback of the vst’s current settings to the controller (e.g. when the vst is selected), so that the bcr2000’s knobs positions change according to the vst’s settings (like the control surfaces for Ableton (push, etc.))

    It doesn’t need:
    – anything fancy, like beautiful graphics or whatever.
    – Audio

    It should also be as light on cpu use as possible (i plan to use an older PC just for this purpose). It’s only MIDI after all…
    It must be for Windows (XP or lower) or, if needed, Linux.

    (btw i also have an Atari ST, with many synth editors, but no way i know of to control them with external controllers or record automation… but if you know of something i’m all ears!)

    I had trouble with Ableton Live, but it might be because i’m using an older version of this software (or because my PC is too old to handle it). Has anyone had success with Live in controlling everything from external controllers + recording automation?

    I tried other software but it never seemed easy or possible (particularly controlling from external controllers): Reaper (though i had great hopes because it’s lightweight), Cubase, Usine, Plogue bidule, Audiomulch, … But maybe i just missed something..

    Another option would be a simple VST host. That probably wouldn’t allow for automation (if it doesn’t have a sequencer), but it would probably be lighter. It still needs to allow for external midi control of all the vst’s parameters. I didn’t find one with this option, though again i didn’t look everywhere…

    Soo, any idea?


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    It depends on what type of controllers you want to record. Any sequencer should be able to record simple Midi CC. Reaper can record even sysex strings. For this you don’t need Ctrlr or in other words, Ctrlr won’t help you on this. You have to program the right CC or sysex in the external controller.

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    Regarding your Atari ST (you make me pine for mine that died years ago!).
    Can you hook the midi out to a Windows PC midi in.
    And the Windows PC midi out to Atari ST Midi in.
    Then download and use MidiOX to watch the midi generated by ST.
    And send some strings from the PC to see if the Atari faithfully responds (it should).

    This will allow you to see what your ST midi apps are generating and hence what to replicate on Ctrlr or on the BCR.

    If you are serious about BCR then I would suggest Mountain Utilities BCR editor. Please donate to Mark if you like it! Using his software allowed me to quickly generate BCR panels for AKAI Miniak. Without it I would have gone crazy. There again once I found some folks generated panels for Miniak in Ctrlr I caught the bug and created some K1r/K4 panels.


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    First, thanks for the answers!

    I’m currently trying a little vst host: Chainer. It allows to map a controller to all the parameters of the vst (well it must be CC, so maximum 128/instance), like Ableton Live. Can’t comment on it yet, still test phase..
    As far as i know Reaper doesn’t allow such easy mapping, you have to create a slider for each control, and then assign them, and you’re still limited to 128 parameters. But i didn’t dwell much into it..

    shooking, do you control your ctrlr plugins with the BCR? How do you map the controls: with a different BCR preset for each plugin or with the same BCR preset changing function depending on the plugin you’re working on (like Push for Ableton) ? in other words: can you get the DAW “chatting” with the BCR to change the BCR knobs positions according to what vst is on focus? That would be great!

    & happy new year btw 🙂

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