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    I just discovered CTRLR after agonizing over UniSyn vs SoundDiver vs MidiQuest, each with their own issues, not the least of which they are beyond broken.

    But here, I find so few panels built! And most of them are more elusive than a unicorn, some never shared, some lost in apparent forum moves, etc. There was only one usable panel for me (TX81z) out of the dozen plus units I own!

    So, I am requesting that if you have panels, working, broken, half-started, that you share them here, either by link or attachment. Let others take up the reins and complete them. (And it will save me weeks of time I don’t have trying to build them myself from scratch. I prefer to keep the hair I have left rather than losing it perusing arcane midi implementation manuals in all their incorrectness.)

    What I am looking for (in alphabetical order):

    Alesis Micron
    Alesis QSR
    Casio VZ-10M
    Ensoniq ESQ-1
    Kawai K1M
    Kawai K4R
    Korg DSS-1
    Korg NS5R (or NX5R)
    Korg Triton Rack
    Kurzweil 2000
    Technics WSA-1R
    Yamaha AN200

    Thanks to any and all for any help you can give! No more single-device editors!


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    Here here I second this fine post, it’s like a sodding ghost town round these parts, the web is screaming for a decent AN200 and DX200 Panel with sexy graphics just like the Yamaha TX81z has… I would even pay for it really!

    (Please don’t suggest I make them I have neither the time nor the skill set and to many other musical builds to mention)



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    There is an200 editor in MidiQuest. It work fine.
    what exactly are you willing to pay for? Is it just ability to control every synth param or reading/saving patches or sexy graphics? :)))

    I’ve planned to make an200 editor on 2016. I’m hardworking on supernova 2 editor now and gonna continue with quasimidi polymorph’s one.

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    My PC3 panel supports the real time control (eg sliders, mod wheels, pedals etc) of the K2000 and K2 series. It’s not really feasible to build a full blown editor in Ctrlr though as it’s essentially a case of reading the screen. The best editor out there is VAST Programmer – so use that one.

    My PC3 panel is available here –

    The Puppeteer

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