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    I just discovered CTRLR after agonizing over UniSyn vs SoundDiver vs MidiQuest, each with their own issues, not the least of which they are beyond broken.

    But here, I find so few panels built! And most of them are more elusive than a unicorn, some never shared, some lost in apparent forum moves, etc. There was only one usable panel for me (TX81z) out of the dozen plus units I own!

    So, I am requesting that if you have panels, working, broken, half-started, that you share them here, either by link or attachment. Let others take up the reins and complete them. (And it will save me weeks of time I don’t have trying to build them myself from scratch. I prefer to keep the hair I have left rather than losing it perusing arcane midi implementation manuals in all their incorrectness.)

    What I am looking for (in alphabetical order):

    Alesis Micron
    Alesis QSR
    Casio VZ-10M
    Ensoniq ESQ-1
    Kawai K1M
    Kawai K4R
    Korg DSS-1
    Korg NS5R (or NX5R)
    Korg Triton Rack
    Kurzweil 2000
    Technics WSA-1R
    Yamaha AN200

    Thanks to any and all for any help you can give! No more single-device editors!



    Here here I second this fine post, it’s like a sodding ghost town round these parts, the web is screaming for a decent AN200 and DX200 Panel with sexy graphics just like the Yamaha TX81z has… I would even pay for it really!

    (Please don’t suggest I make them I have neither the time nor the skill set and to many other musical builds to mention)




    There is an200 editor in MidiQuest. It work fine.
    what exactly are you willing to pay for? Is it just ability to control every synth param or reading/saving patches or sexy graphics? :)))

    I’ve planned to make an200 editor on 2016. I’m hardworking on supernova 2 editor now and gonna continue with quasimidi polymorph’s one.

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    My PC3 panel supports the real time control (eg sliders, mod wheels, pedals etc) of the K2000 and K2 series. It’s not really feasible to build a full blown editor in Ctrlr though as it’s essentially a case of reading the screen. The best editor out there is VAST Programmer – http://www.cunka.com/forum/index.php?board=28.0 so use that one.

    My PC3 panel is available here – http://godlike.com.au/index.php?id=324

    The Puppeteer

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