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    I just wanted to sum up what’s been going on

    -all thos property editors that poped out had keyboard focus issue, i moved them to normal windows and they work now (there is an issue that the window needs to be closed or ESC must be pressed to close it)
    – the font property itself will have a better list of fonts soon, each font on the list will be drawn with itself and certain default font entires will be added (it won’t be a combo anymore)
    – lua has a new nethod log(), that logs messages to the Ctrlr log, for debugging purposes, use it, it might help
    -those MIDI thru selections in the menu bar should work now, today i found yet another bug i fixed. the new build should work better.
    – resource manager is reworked, you can reload yout resources and sort the columns, a bit more information is in a window if you double-click an item on the list
    – a mew Buffer Editor compoent is beeing developed to help with program sending and comparing memory blocks. It will be a useful feature i hope.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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