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    human fly

    second time now: i create a new panel, and it is when
    i set the 2nd background colour that it freezes. i can
    no longer acces the ‘File’ menu (?or others?) or
    click on another panel i have open.

    i had to use Task Manager to stop Ctrlr. when restarted,
    my new panel file is there, saved ‘versioned’, with the
    colours i set.

    don’t know if it’s this version, or something on my system
    (running pretty light here).


    human fly

    this is a bug, it is a recurrent issue in this version.
    i can fairly predictably crash Ctrlr after editing the
    2nd colour in a pair. the first one is usually ok, and
    it is with the 2nd that it locks up. i can maybe get away
    with it by saving between colours. seems to be when i’ve
    done a wide colour ‘swipe’ across the palette, rather than
    numerical entry/paste. hope this helps.
    (can live/work with it, atm)



    It seems to unfreeze when selecting the same color property again…it’s hard to explain, see the gif below 🙂

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    human fly

    oh so it can be unfrozen? and you click off, to another
    parameter, change that(and back) and then you get back
    control over the colour picker? ok..

    similar things happen ie: when you link modulators:
    at first it can’t find the properties to select from.
    you have to click something else before you get the list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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