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    human fly

    i tend to work with a few scrap methods still in my Lua Editor,
    as sketchpad notes to refer to, check against, etc. – or stuff
    i’m ‘borrowing’ to try out, or work from.

    – this means i usually have doubles/’versions’/backups etc.,
    that i clear out/tidy up periodically when i don’t need them
    anymore.(easier than skipping around between files)

    and so of course, now i realise that these are also loading
    at Panel Load, and could cause issues even if unused (true?).

    my notion here is that i can disable these, simply by having
    the function name NOT correspond to the method name. is this

    ie: if the method is called myFunction, and the function is
    called myPhunKtion(), it just won’t run, won’t load.
    is this correct? viable? (i think so, just checking)

    edit: no, this is another newb’ misconception of mine:
    functions can, of course, be loaded with a method that
    loads a library of functions, that you call by name in
    any other function. so it doesn’t matter what a function
    is called, as long as you use that name to call it later.


    human fly, you are again seeing things much too complicated…
    – Ctrlr methods contains functions
    – one Ctrlr method can contain several functions returning or not data
    – when a method is linked to a modulator “OnValueChange” it will be executed when you load the panel during the initialization of the panel
    – therefore, all “OnValueChange” methods should have the piece of code preventing them to run at that moment (unless you want the opposite of course)

    -- No action if the panel is in bootstrap or program states
    if not isPanelReady() then

    isPanelReady() is a function that I have in a method that I call Miscellaneous and that contains several usefull functions. bPanelLoaded is a variable that I set to true at the end of panel load (doen by a timer displaying first a welcome message).

    -- Check if the panel is not busy to load or receiving a program
    isPanelReady = function()
    	if panel:getBootstrapState() == false and panel:getProgramState() == false and bPanelLoaded == true then
    		return (true)
    		return (false)

    human fly

    hi Goodweather,
    thanks for clarifying your isPanelReady.
    i figured out enough of the rest in the meantime 🙂
    (and also for pointing out it is the OnValueChange
    methods that need that bit of code. i do use that now as a
    matter of course, to prevent things running when the panel

    my initial post wasn’t very good. as said, i was keeping lots
    of junk methods at the time, and wasn’t sure if it could cause
    problems.i understand that well enough now.

    could you define ‘bootstrap’? ‘restoreState’? programState?


    ‘bootstrap’? programState: don’t remember them precisely but they are somewhat explained in the forum. The only one speaking a bit more is “bootstrap” that I simply translated by “during boot”.
    SaveState and RestoreState: I’m using those and have methods related to them.
    I must have already written something about them in the forum or in the step by step guide 2.0.
    – when you quit Ctrlr (not when you close a panel) it saves all the values of the modulators in the open panels. this is saved in the ctrlr.settings file in Appdata (PC)
    – you can add to that a save of some variables. To achieve this you use a SaveState method
    – when you open Ctrlr, it shows all open panels and their modulators
    – in the same way, at that time you can also force reloading some saved variables and you do that with a RestoreState method

    Look on the forum, there are some topics on this.

    Forgot to say: you can thus keep a test method without any problem. Just secure that it is not used by any modulator and that it has the magic piece of code preventing it to run during panel opening.


    human fly

    save/restoreState: excellent, thanks. that makes sense.
    i wasn’t aware of saveState.

    yes, i had noticed how previous settings come back on restart
    -uh, well sometimes, depending on what else is loading, and other
    factors (i forget what exactly right now, but i observe changes
    from file to file as i work)

    of course, VSTIndex numbers can screw up your panel load if
    2 panels share same Index numbers. pretty obvious and not a
    big deal – interesting though that Ctrlr should do this, and
    not treat panels entirely separately ie: sending out sysex:
    if 2 panels share that VSTIndex number, both messages will be
    triggered. maybe something for Roman (Roamin’, nearly had
    a typo there) to think about one day.


    human fly

    regarding the code snippet that stops onValueChange methods
    from running when the panel loads: do you know why my Random
    and Reset buttons do not work on the first run, when it’s
    drafted as a restricted instance exe?

    seems to happen every/most times: my Windows exe checker scans
    it, then it opens, and these buttons won’t work.
    so i then close it, and re-open, and it is normal.
    a friend i send these to has reported the same behaviour.

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