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    human fly

    i tend to work with a few scrap methods still in my Lua Editor,
    as sketchpad notes to refer to, check against, etc. – or stuff
    i’m ‘borrowing’ to try out, or work from.

    – this means i usually have doubles/’versions’/backups etc.,
    that i clear out/tidy up periodically when i don’t need them
    anymore.(easier than skipping around between files)

    and so of course, now i realise that these are also loading
    at Panel Load, and could cause issues even if unused (true?).

    my notion here is that i can disable these, simply by having
    the function name NOT correspond to the method name. is this

    ie: if the method is called myFunction, and the function is
    called myPhunKtion(), it just won’t run, won’t load.
    is this correct? viable? (i think so, just checking)

    edit: no, this is another newb’ misconception of mine:
    functions can, of course, be loaded with a method that
    loads a library of functions, that you call by name in
    any other function. so it doesn’t matter what a function
    is called, as long as you use that name to call it later.

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