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    human fly

    (before i check this out)

    if i put a function inside a method, does have a ‘local’ status?
    or will it have the same action (or a conflict) if i use the same
    function name in another ‘twin’ method, doing the same thing to
    different modulators/components?

    or can i specify that a function is local?


    structure12 = function (--mod, --value)
    -- sets corresponding option views
    	local structure =	panel:getModulatorByName("struct12_pt1"):getValue()
    	local SynPcm1 =		panel:getComponent("tabs_SynPcm1_pt1")
    	local SynPcm2 =		panel:getComponent("tabs_SynPcm2_pt1")
    	function see00()
    	SynPcm1:setPropertyInt("uiTabsCurrentTab", 0)
    	SynPcm2:setPropertyInt("uiTabsCurrentTab", 0)
    	structure == 0 then see00()

    and then, i would want to use the same code, with a method
    called ‘structure34’, addressing similarly named modulators
    and components, but with names suffixed 3/4 instead of 1/2,
    and keep the same ‘sub’-function names. or would these have
    to now have unique names too?

    ie: once created, do they remain in memory everywhere else
    in the panel, ready to be called? or do they exist only for
    that method?


    No it’s not local. Everything is global by default. You need to use local before a variable if you want it defined locally. Not sure if you can make methods local.

    The Puppeteer


    human fly

    (answering own post..)

    well, it seems ok if i just copy the whole thing and amend
    the declarations.

    suppose if i had created them externally in a ‘library’ method,
    and called them from there, there would be an issue (and functions
    would have to check which modulators+components to act on).


    human fly

    hi Puppeteer, missed your post.
    as i said, it seems ok, repeating the same function/s identically
    within a method –see00(), see01(), see10(), see11()–
    i called them that to indicate which of 2 tabs were showing for
    2 uiTabs. and in each method, they are addressing different
    uitabs (synPcm1+2 pair, and synPcm3+4 pair).

    so i can put ‘local ‘ in front of a ‘sub’-function ?
    done now, and seems to be ok, so i’m leaving it like that for now.

    (as i may end up later with 8 parts, and thus 8x everything – which
    i can avoid once i work it out, no doubt – it makes it easier if
    i can just rename the declarations at the top and leave the rest
    as is (this optimises a couple of methods a lot already).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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