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    Hi y’all.


    I’ve been working on a panel for the EMU eos sampler range,  the “decent” one is still in the making  but i thought i would share my initial build for some functionality testing in the wild.

    This one is the first panel i started building with CTRLR (and hence is butt-ugly)  but offers a large amount of working controls nonetheless.


    This “demo” panel allows you to:

    setup cords 0 to 3
    edit lfo’s
    edit envelopes
    set transpose/tuning
    edit chorus
    edit filtertype
    edit basic filter settings (cutoff/resonance)


    Limitations of this panel:

    The deviceID is hardcoded, your device must be set to device ID 1 for the controls to work – consult your sampler’s manual to find the right menu
    Not all cords are coded
    no persistent visual feedback on selected presets and voices
    not very user-friendly to navigate
    filters only have the 2 basic controls – cutoff and resonance/gain
    no “ultra” parameters editable (rfx32, octo-out…)


    Please note that this panel has been tested only with a emu 6400 classic sampler with eos3.00b , but should work on all E4 range samplers as the sysex specs are the same across the line.

    Recommended version of ctrlr to use is 1184, later builds may yield unpredictable results.

    If you have any questions, or encounter strange behaviour/bugs please add a message in this thread, i will regularly check up.



    The E4 panel  i am still working on will have:

     more controls
    better layout (can’t do worse than this one imo)
    visual feedback on editing targets (selected voices, presets…)
    free to choose device id number (ie able to use multiple samplers)
     much, much more.


    So keep your eyes peeled for update news!








    hmmm attachment missing… trying again

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    I forgot to give some important info on how to use this panel ::doh::

    (i’m used to the eos behaviour by working with it alot but if you dive in nose first it can ermmm..surprise you sometimes)

    Because of the way eos works you have to keep these next things in mind:

    To edit a certain voice in a certain preset you have to use the “select preset” and “select voice” buttons to navigate to the desired editing target.

    The changes you make will ALWAYS be sent to the last selected preset on the panel. It does NOT edit the preset/voice displayed on the screen of the device (unless you are looking at the one selected in the panel) –  it works “behind the screens”


    Whenever a new preset is selected the first voice is automatically targeted. 

    This means :

    If a preset only contains one voice then it is automatically targeted when the preset is selected.


    If a preset contains multiple voices you have to change the value with the ‘select voice”  buttons to navigate to the desired voice.  Keeping in mind that the first voice is automatically selected when you navigate to a new preset,  if the voice number displayed in the “select voice” buttons is anything other than 1 this will NOT correspond to the voice you are editing. You have to change the number to select the desired voice AFTER selecting a preset, else you will be editing voice number 1.



    This panel should work on all devices of the E4 product line:

    E6400 (aka “classic”)
    E4XT Ultra
    E6400 Ultra

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    wow – I’ve been waiting years for a proper E-6400 controller..there was a pretty good PC-based one years ago that used SCSIMIDI but I dunno what happened to that..My Ultra is sitting folorn on a desk in my studio…time to dust it off..Might be a while before I get it all wired in but again – wow





    You are propably referring to zoeos, the dev (same guy from touchOsc apparently) dropped it and open-sourced the code. It is all java, and there are some people working on it.

    The source code is hosted here:


    Although it is superior to the ctrlr panel as a preset builder its not a vst so no integrating in your daw is possible.


    Please do dust off your emu and give it a spin, i’m sure you’ll have fun 🙂



    V1.2 demo is here!

    I am rebuilding  the whole thing from the ground up, this panel now features:

    user-settable device -id
    visual feedback on selected preset/voice


    parameter controls are available  for:

    Preset select
    Voice select
    Sample select
    Samplezone select
    cords 00 to 03 (source, destination, amount)
    Amplitude envelope
    Lfo 1
    chorus amount & width
    samplezone root/low/high key


    How to setup:

    In order for this panel to function properly both midi IN and OUT ports of your sampler must be connected directly to the midi-out and midi-in of the panel.The controller midi-input is used to feed the panel midi data (keys, daw, controller…)
    Go to the “Midi & device settings” tab in the panel and set the “Midi device id”  to the number of your sampler’s device id
     press the “Get general info” button to see if your sampler was found.
    load up some presets and TWEAK!


    Panel built in ctrlr for windows rev.1196

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    Thanks Hecticcc for a great job!

    Will test it with E64 Classic v4.62.



    Glad to hear it will be of use, i am curious about the “user experience” from someone else but me.

    Ps – now working on parameter feedback on voice changes so the panel reflects the state of the selected  voice instead of staying “as is”. Will upload fresh version when it’s all inthere.

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    -v 1.2 updated –

    Many improvements, including:

    Parameter feedback from the device to the panel is now in place, the gui reflects the state of the selected voice  when changing voices.  Note that a big number of sysex messages are being shoved around when changing voices, it takes about 1 second to fully update the panel.
    Graphical representation of the amplitude envelope.
    Easy setting up of  presets in multimode.



    The way Ctrlr works makes the panel shoot out all midi-messages when the panel is loaded.

    To make sure your presets don’t get messed up please use one of the following strategies for starting and setting up Ctrlr & your sampler:

    Turn on the sampler after the panel is loaded.
    Set the device-id to a different number than yours before closing down Ctrlr(or its host) This number is remembered, and the next time you load the panel your sampler will not respond to the midi-messages. Be sure to remember to change it back to the correct one once the panel has loaded.

    A way of avoiding this problem is in the making.


    Happy samplin’ 😉

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    Quick report:

    After installing v1.2.3 I got this (see attached). Everything is working fine after.

    Don’t know if this related to CTRL or the panel…
    CTRLR v5.1.1 b1196 nightly

    Thanks Hecticcc!

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    Yeah i still have to find a way to fix this, it is used to draw the keyranges the way the unit does in the samplezone settings.

    If you go into the lua editor and save & compile the script you can see it working @ the samplezone settings.
    Only does 3 zones correctly for now, will make it do what it should once i get this error cleared up.

    Thanks for chiming in, i am glad to hear it works as expected with a later OS version than i have 🙂

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    Stumbled on a nasty bug when testing in Reaper and Ableton, a fix is in the making but it will take a while as i have to rewrite the midi received function and its around 4000 lines long.

    The problem is situated in automating the sysex parameters directly, when an envelope assigned to a sysex parameter is set to write.  It looks like once the envelope is armed the host starts polling the parameter at a very high rate, wich causes the panel to send out a continuos stream of  messages, completely hogging the bandwith of the mididevice.

    I have now rewritten a small portion of the panel and all is working as expected, will update once the midi received is comletely ok again.

    Anyone here having the same issues in other daws?
    On a side note:
    I can now confirm without a doubt that Ableton’s midi timing to and from external mididevices sucks bigtime, timing problems in midi notes sent out are clearly audible, a straight hat pattern sounds like a heavily swung jive, different every time 
    I did a small test with my rs7000 sequencer, making Live slave to the RS and locking in on the bpm and clock signal it receives, and instead of following the clock it kind of “bounces” around the received clock, slowing and speeding up the tempo like it’s hooked to an lfo instead of a clock 

    Oh yeah, Reaper works fine 

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    Midi feedback bug eliminated, fixed panel attached 🙂


    Also made a little demo video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biG7Yd9SmlE&feature=youtu.be


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    Hi Hecticcc,

    I appreciate your great efforts on creating a this panel.
    I know that programming is a lot of work.

    Today I checked V1.2.4 with an E6400 Ultra, EOS 4.70.
    The device is recognized correctly.
    On thing that did not work is the selection of the sample.
    Although the samples are displayed with their correct names in the panel, the sample is not switched in the sampler.

    In regards to the preset programming, I recommend not to subsume the Amplifier Envelope, Filter Envelope and Auxiliary Envelope under a general Envelope tab. I think it will be more handy if there is a tab for each Envelope in the top hierarchy.




    The sample selection is indeed not working yet, the display only serves as an info object at this moment, showing the names of the samples loaded in the ram memory. Actual sample assignment to a voice has yet to be implemented.

    About the envelope(s), you are the second person pointing out this nested approach is not ideal, i will change it around for the next revision.

    Thanks for trying it out!




    Fresh version!

    Many under the hood changes.
    All parameters now available in host
    Moved keyzones parameters to tuning tab, made more sense to put them there imo.
    Sample selection now working with minor bug; sample name and number are not always updated correctly when changing voices, stepping up/down the samplezones fixes this. Working on fix but may take a while.
    Amp envelope layout changed,  envelope graphics on top and bigger.
    Multimode channel and preset select.



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    It seems something is causing trouble for some people with the panels after uploading to the Ctrlr site as attachment :smashed:

    From now on i will keep the latest version of the panel + an win installer of the latest recommended Ctrlr version here

    If you don’t already use dropbox and decide to make an account please consider doing so by using this link, i get extra free storage this way.

    PS: You do not need to create a dropbox account to be able to download the files, these are freely available.

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    v1.2.5 issues:

    1. Shows V1.2.3 in title.
    2. “Demo” panel message appears twice – before and after ctrlr window gets into view.
    3. On load panel always sets P001 on 1 midi channel.

    Thanks Hecticcc for keeping work on it!

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    Thank you for reporting these findings tech22.
    Sorry about the late reply, i somehow managed to overlook your update to this thread.

    1-Will pay attention to numbering in the next update.
    2-My bad, the call for this has to be moved, will be fixed in next update.
    3-Do you mean that when the panel loads it sets the device to P001 on ch1 in multimode setup?

    I also have a question for you:
    It seems that sometimes the sysex interpreter on the emu locks up, presumably because i am flooding it with too much data in short succession – still researching the limits for when this occurs & hope to be able to fix it soon. Have you encountered this also sometimes?
    Note messages still work in this scenario, but no reaction to parameter changes on the panel occur, althought the “midi received” indicator on the device reacts as normal.





    this is great. that makes life with emu comfortable ans smooth. many people looking for this.. great work


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