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    For quite some time I’ve been getting errors when trying install the 64 bit win revs on my sony vaio’s windows 7 x64 partition.

    When i run the nightly installer (1590) i select only the x64 ctrlr standalone and vst to install. by default it wants to install to C:\Program Files(x32) I change that to C:\Program Files as I want it going into my 64 bit programs folder but regardless of which program files folder (64 or 32) I select as a destination for the install I get a slew of “Error opening file for writing” errors…

    C:\Program Files\Ctrlr-x64.exe
    C:\Program Files\Ctrlr.overrides
    C:\Program Files\ctrlr_black.xcf
    etc etc

    i’ve been getting this for the past several months of ctrlr installs.. they work fine on my xp system but my xp is 32 bit so i’m not installing the 64 bit version there.

    I put off reporting this as 64 bit wasn’t a big deal to me (some users are asking for it now) but it’s now something Id like to get addressed. I’m pretty sure the issue is specific to this machine as i haven’t seen anyone else complaining about it.

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    The installer runs as a normal user. You need admin right to write to those directories, so you need to run the installer as an Administrator then wit will have permission to write OR use a directory that you can write to.

    This is done on purpose so that non-admin users can install Ctrlr, otherwise it would ask you for the admin password before doing anything and some people don’t have access to that.


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    Howdy! first time user here and I am having the same issue when installing ctrlr and I am not even changing anything when installing. What am I missing here? thanks

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    well, as atom said. You have to run the installer as administrator. Right click installer -> run as administrator.

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