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    Howdy CTRLR crew,

    I was just putting the finishing touches on my MKS80 editor and came across a cosmetic issue which I found a bit weird.

    Since the background image I’ve made for my MKS80 editor already has nice photorealistic fader tracks from the MPG80, I want fader tracks to be completely invisible. I found the Alpha setting for the Fader Track colour property in the colour editor however even with Alpha set to 00, the Fader Track is still slightly visible.

    Has anyone got any suggestions or workarounds?



    --> Music: www.soundcloud.com/jasefos
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    --> Synths: Cyclone Bass Bot TT303, ESQ1, MKS80/MPG80, Matrix 6R, Matrix1000, Mopho, 05RW, DW8000, Virus TI Polar, Voyager Electric Blue, MiniBrute, AN1X, K5000s, FIZMO, ASR10 rack, Kenton ProSolo (controls Sequential Pro-One, Yamaha CS15), Prophecy, EMX1, MonoTribe, SP1200, DX100, KARP Odyssey

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    post the panel in a bpanelz file and i’ll make you a knobman uiimageslider you can use

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    • ★★★

    May be you can replace (right click on the modulator) UIslider by UIimageslider
    and you don’t add an image . then you have an invisible slider…

    OK 🙂

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