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    what would be an expression for ‘get current value’ on a
    modulator? i’ve tried a coupla things but am on wrong track.

    ie: i have an envelope where the sustain stage can be
    disabled, so it goes straight to the release stage.
    (ronald D-110…)

    so what i’m trying at the moment is when ‘env mode’ is ‘1’,
    No Sustain, i set sustain to zero, and hide the sustain level

    when i want to set it back to ‘0’ (Sustain stage ‘on’), i show
    the control again, and want to get its previous/’current’ value.

    hey, i’m still probably approaching this wrong :o). it is working
    fine if i hard-set it to something. still not sure if it’s going
    to send out the value as well as the ‘env mode’ setting – which
    i *don’t* want. i will only want the envmode parameter sent.

    just chucking this one out there atm, can elaborate more later.
    (i was thinking getValue would do it, but then found i was
    trying to ‘assign a number value’ as a variable or whatever)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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