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    human fly
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    not very complex , but please suggest a convenient way to work with
    these offsets:

    manual: p117 (sysex implementation at

    it’s easy to figure out all the address summing when it’s part1,
    because the start address is 04*00 00*
    but part2 starts at 01 76,
    part3 at …whatever, i have to figure THAT out, pfff.. etc.
    part7: 0B 44
    part8: 0D 3A
    total pita..this is probably what they mean when they say this machine
    is a nightmare. see what i mean?
    (Tone Temp. area)
    see what i mean? i’ve been avoiding sitting down to figure all
    of these out. but i know there are 58 params per partial, so
    i will of course be able to figure it out eventually. the joys
    of hex addition. (i AM lazy, aren’t i…)
    (i need to do this if i want to be able to have a multitimbral
    editor, or offer the ability to edit on any ‘part’, which the
    machine can do, since it has separate edit buffers for each
    -the interesting aspect of this machine is that it can have
    active edits on all parts without saving, even if you switch
    power off/on, until you switch ‘patch’/multi. quite unusual)

    i can, of course use its other ‘interesting’ feature:
    press ‘enter’, at any parameter on any part, and then it spits
    out the sysex. but it isn’t in front of me atm.

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    You can calculate everything in decimal and then convert the result back to hex. Ctrlr has a handy converter where you see a value in Hex, Binary and Decimal (Menu-> Tools / Midi Calculator)


    human fly
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    um :o) yeah but i’m looking at it all in hex, ain’t i? ;o)
    that would mean converting it all to decimal first.
    (my first thought/reaction to your post lol. i’m gonna call
    myself MrLazy)
    windows gives me a lovely hex calculator of course.
    (except it doesn’t deal with msb/lsb, i suspect)
    i shall report back when i’ve had another crack at it.
    today i’m being a good boy making nice neat tables and
    pre-load functions.

    roland… they just sling that at you, and you think
    aw, you could’ve listed them…yes, i’ll convert the
    first two, subtract, for the difference, and then it’ll
    give me the intervals, and it can be worked out from

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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