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    Hi, I am new here and testet the program first time…. so I want to built a controller to work with my lightdevices over cantabile performer.

    One thing I dont understand… my first simple controller works with midi but now I want to store the momentary values of the buttons as a preset.

    So the question is how to do this? …is ctrlr able to save this Presets or is it my turn to link this to stored midi values in cantabile??

    Cheers Jürgen

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    Hi there Juergen,

    If you want to save your values for reloading the next time you use Ctrlr, you could save values to a binary file, which you would reload back into Ctrlr. Have a look at the files.panel here

    You might need to use lua at some point too.

    Also have a look at this panel – just about anything you would want to achieve can be found in this panel, but it’s pretty complex!

    You can also write lua functions used to save the Ctrlr state and reload it using stateData:setProperty method and stateData:getProperty. See Called when Ctrlr State is saved and Called when Ctrlr State is saved on the Ctrlr panel menu. You might also find some useful information here →

    I hope I understood the question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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