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    Hi, I’ve been trying to use the GM36 panel (which, as was told to me, doesn’t require to DL Ctrlr itself to work) to control my Grandmeister 36 from my Windows 10 laptop, using the Roland UM One interface, but have been unsuccesful, not even being able to see the correct panel.

    The setup is very simple, I’ve connected the GM36 directly to my laptop with my interface (and obviously made sure I didn’t mix up the Midi in and out outputs and set it to COMP) and it does pick up MIDI informations when I tweak the knobs on my amp.
    The problem is that I just can’t get anything to show up on the GM 36 panel. I downloaded it directly from the website using the provided link for Windows computers then ran it, but nothing shows up (you can see what it looks like in my attachments) and it doesn’t even allow me to assign any MIDI device as input or output, despite having several MIDI devices plugged to my computer.

    I feel like I’ve missed some crucial step along the process, I’ve even tried using two different computers, to no avail, same exact result on both. I’ve tried deleting the Ctrlr folder as suggested by fredo, didn’t change a thing. Am I just being dumb and forgetting something obvious ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !

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    Sorry, I can try helping you but what is the GM36 panel?
    PLease post the link (I didn’t find it in the Panels download…


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    I think he’s referring to this?

    Hughes & Kettner – GrandMeister Desktop Remote

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