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    I’m about to complete my 1st panel and I’m wandering a little question.

    Is it legal to put company Logo and instrument Name logo on panels we distribute (free or not)?

    I know there is copywrite on these picture logo so that why I’m asking if it’s legal.

    Maybe if we put a little note that … “Logo and Instrument name are property of xyz company” would cover the legal aspect.

    Stay tuned. Quimquim

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    I remember that Moog did not even allow to use its name and the name of the synth. Atom then called his panel for the Moog Voyager “Mougue Voyeur”. It really depends on the company. I have never heard that any other firm had such a problem with that. Well, Steinberg would probably take you to court but in the case of Roland I think they don’t care too much. Maybe they are even pleased that someone is working for free to improve one of their devices. If you want to be sure you can ask Roland for permission.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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