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    Hello I am using the last CTRLR Mac version and I would like to use linked modulators with the standalone version.

    Please someone could explain me what I have to do ?

    I am able to link for example a linear vertical with a rotary vertical drag.
    The Rotary is linked with the vertical one and follow the changes but if I turn the rotary the linear one doesn’t move at all !



    I’d like to +1 this as a new user running Mac version 5.3.198… I can’t seem to get this to work at all.

    Also, is this version stable? I am wondering if there is a different version I should be using that would work better



    I’ve been using ctrlr a while on mac now and there are a few bugs with 5.3.198,
    so I use 5.3.163 instead. It had sth to do with uiImageSliders not accepting picture resources…



    copes, thanks for the response… I’m going to use that version then, and see if it takes care of some of the weird behavior I’ve been getting… I’m still looking for some sort of documentation somewhere, I’m pretty good with code once I can get my head wrapped around the new environment.


    I am using version 5.3.198 with Sierra 10.12.4 and it’s stable for me. But the picture resource not working is really frustrating same with links to modulator not working too. Maybe some users know how to do that but it seems difficult to get some help even if I try to send private messages to more experienced users. VERRYYYYY frustrating….


    human fly

    linked modulator does work in 5.4.2 through 5.4.29 so
    i suspect you’ve come across the slightly buggy behaviour
    of calling up the property to link to: you can call up
    any modulator easily enough, but then you go to linked
    property, and it gives you ‘none’/no list, so you can’t
    link to anything.

    but this is just because it hasn’t refreshed (or whatever).
    try clicking off that modulator, or what you’re doing, click
    on another modulator, and then go back to it. try it a couple
    of times, and the list does come back. i haven’t quite figured
    out/forgot what it is. i think it just needs a chance to update
    itself and fetch the list of properties.

    you can use a Lua method as alternative – particularly if you
    want to link to multiple modulators.

    so i reckon it does work. just try again.


    Thank you human fly for your reply. Unfortunately I am on Mac so the latest version is 5.3.198.
    Concerning LUA Method is there a place where one cold be able to find a kind of presets and or example ?


    human fly

    yes in the demo files in the download section:
    ‘Layers and Tabs’

    when you open up, it’s got a red overlay over everything:
    disable that in Layer Editor, and you get access to what’s

    in Panel edit mode, click on ‘Switch Tabs using modulator
    link’ combo, and go to the properties pane and look at
    Link to Modulator entries, it is linked to the UITabs and
    the value part is linked to UITabsCurrentTab as the
    property to change.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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