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    Hi how can I slice three parameters into three variables with Lua?

    The ZOOM is so!

    ZOOM = panel: getPanelEditor (): getProperty (“uiPanelZoom”)
    The result is then 1

    code (is working!)

    function GetZOOM ()

    ZOOM = panel: getPanelEditor (): getProperty (“uiPanelZoom”)


    For the other two I miss the syntax! How do I write this correctly?

    Editor bounds
    Result should be (“0,0,800,600”) Current Editor Window Resolutions

    code (wrong syntax)

    function GetEDITOR_BOUNDS ()

    EDITOR_BOUNDS = panel: getPanelEditor (): getProperty (“Editor bounds”) Syntax ????


    Screen Resolutions (Monitor Windows)

    Result should be (“0,0,1680,1050”) Current resolution of Windows and Monitor

    code (wrong syntax)

    function GetSCREEN_RESOLUTIONS ()

    SCREEN_RESULUTIONS = Syntax ????


    How can I get the parameters EDITOR_BOUNDS and SCREEN_RESULUTIONS?

    Can someone give me an example in Lua?

    Greetings Michael

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    I can give you a working syntax for “EDITOR BOUNDS” but I would call it canvas size:

    panel:getPanelEditor():setProperty(“uiPanelCanvasRectangle”, “0 0 1530 1004”, false)

    There are no other size related properties which make sense to modify – e.g. PanelWidth and PanelHeight are not doing anything.

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