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    Hi guys, i’ve collaborated to build this panel for Moog Voyager.

    With this vst/au plugin, you can automate all Voyager’s panel parameters and also save your patches as vst/au preset in your daw. You can also recall them using the send button.

    I think it looks great! What do you think about it?

    P.S.: If someone of you is interested in try it out for free here is the download link:

    Thanks again to Possemo for his help!

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    Wow – the GUI looks amazing!

    One thing I’m really keen to know is if you’ve managed to include control of parameters which are not on the front panel. Someone else previously uploaded a Voyager panel however it could only access front panel parameters which meant that some key sound settings (e.g. filter modes) could not be recalled with 100% accuracy.

    Anyhow, I’ve ‘followed’ and downloaded – looking forward to getting stuck into this one!

    Thanks for your hard work !

    Best Wishes,


    --> Music:
    --> DAW: OSX10.10.5 with Live 9.6 x64, UA Apollo Quad
    --> Controllers: Push 2, KeyLab61, Maschine mk2, MCU Pro, 2xMCU-Ext
    --> Synths: Cyclone Bass Bot TT303, ESQ1, MKS80/MPG80, Matrix 6R, Matrix1000, Mopho, 05RW, DW8000, Virus TI Polar, Voyager Electric Blue, MiniBrute, AN1X, K5000s, FIZMO, ASR10 rack, Kenton ProSolo (controls Sequential Pro-One, Yamaha CS15), Prophecy, EMX1, MonoTribe, SP1200, DX100, KARP Odyssey


    • Topics: 5
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    Thanks jasefos! I’m glad that you like it. Unfortunately, “under the hood” parameters are not pubblic so it needs a bit of reverse engineering to bring them out. I’m trying to understand more on how to do that but it needs time.

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