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    human fly

    d*mn…i’ve broken midiox…?? …worse?!!!
    i ran the sequencer in the Matrix1k_1.0121b bpanelz,
    and there was delay followed by a huge pile of data,
    and since then, no amount of restarting, disconnecting
    midi ins and outs, on both sides, seems to re-initialize
    the midiox midi in monitor.

    i checked with the Ctrlr monitor, and i’m sending data.
    it’s the midiox side: the monitor WILL NOT start. whatever
    i do. does this mean i have to re-install it?!! d*mn…


    human fly

    or is it loopbe1 that’s broken?
    uninstalled, deleted program files midiox directory,
    restarted, reinstalled, and the input port does not
    initialize on start. d*mn d*mn d*mn.

    un/reinstall loopbe1? …


    human fly

    ok: uninstalled loopbe1, restarted, reinstalled.

    … and then i read the loopbe1 manual 🙂 rtfm

    > loopbe1 mutes its ports if it detects a feedback loop.
    an icon is installed on the systray by default on install,
    and i’d removed/hidden it (presumably, don’t remember).

    so that’s the 1st thing to check if you’re not getting
    midi via your loopbe1 to midiox. don’t have to uninstall
    and reinstall anything.

    still a bit perplexed by the midi thru options offered by
    Ctrlr though; going to have to look at that a bit more

    ‘input>output’ – suggests a possibility for a loop, right
    there – will have to look at those other options more closely.
    but that seems to be the default setting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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