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    I ve discover ctrl few time ago and use it with some hardware stuff, i really love this soft, i recently bought a kurzweil pc3 and use the soundtower software editor and it is little bit boring, primary not vst and secondary, i would like to find a way to build a modular interface for this one, and my other harware synth, do you think that is possible to build virtual patch chord in ctrl, i m a nord modular user and i love the modular software to control it, pc3 is really powerfull synth and multi effect with very complex patch possibility, i think it could be compare to a eventide multi fx and a nord modular g3 + a yamaha fs1r and i think this synth could be really appreciate at his just value if a virtual modular interface is done to ctrl it, really really, is it possible to build interface like nord modular g2 or patch bay of reason in ctrl?

    Thanks in advance,

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