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    Hi all,

    This is a great thing. I have been looking for a way to work on patches for my yamaha tg33 and ctrlr to be the way to go. Thank you all for making this possible.

    As a new user to ctrlr and someone with a aversion to programming i’m having difficulty getting it right. I hooked up my tg33 to my usb port and downloaded the tg33 panel. Set up the midi channels to match and activated panel mode. Despite these efforts they are not talking to each other. The program tells me the usb-midi cable has connected properly. The panel info page says to upload a patch from the 33 in to the program to be able to start editing. Is this a midi dump?

    As you can see i don’t know what i am doing, any help will be much appreciated and rewarded with small digital visual art piece.

    many thanks

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    I had a quick look into the tg-33 panel. I think you got most things right. “Load current voice” will indeed request a midi patch dump. The panel should then move its sliders to reflect the actual patch.

    Are you on Mac or on Windows? When on windows, better use one of these builds (not newest):


    Paul Scheidt
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    Hi, I wrote the TG33 panel. It sounds like you have everything set up right. Hit the big “Load current voice” button in Ctrlr and see if it loads the voice from the TG33 into the panel.

    If that works, then you have communication working in both directions and the panel should work as intended.


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    Sometimes exiting and restarting Ctrlr helps to establish a working MIDI communication.


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    Thx Paul, Possemo and m.tarenskeen.

    I’m unable to check in the coming days as there is no time for studio things until the weekend. Lets see if any of these tip’s solve the problem.

    I have added a digital mini artwork because i promised.
    All the best

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