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    Possible to have some help ?
    I’ve mod with hi range
    2000 – 25000 interval = 10
    Tried to put message in syx editor That can’t work fully :
    “f0 41 10 00 1d 12 10 00 00 4c k2 k3 ms ls z8 f7”
    Ok so I change in LUA (value change) the variables on this modulator
    That’s work but not perfectly because LUA is after Sysex editor :time from time device get one wrong value.
    In expression how to use setGlobalVariable on wich bytes ?
    I wonder for a reverse expression too….
    Ive read carefully the expression Atom tuto too

    So I remove the syx formula and write all in LUA (value change)

    perftmpo = function(mod, newValue)
    mseon = mod:getComponent()
    mouse = mseon:getChildComponent(0)
    mouse2 = mseon:getOwnedSlider()
    ton1 = panel:getModulatorByName("ClockSrc"):getModulatorValue()
    bit = BigInteger(newValue)
    ls = bit:getBitRangeAsInt(0,4)
    ms = bit:getBitRangeAsInt(4,4)
    ms2 = bit:getBitRangeAsInt(8,4)
    ms3 = bit:getBitRangeAsInt(12,3)
    tp1 = panel:getComponent("TEXTtempvl1")
    tv1 = newValue / 100
    chksmt1 = 128 - ((17 + 76 + ms3 + ms2 + ms + ls)%128)
    if ton1 == 0 then
    tp1:setText(string.format("%.1f Bpm",tv1))
    if mouse2:isMouseButtonDown() then

    Problem : my slider is set to INC DEC button and I want it sends only when I click on .
    Using what() I can’t find the correct method
    It seems the slider has 3 comp children’s but none work with isMouseButtonDown()

    Anyone knows ?

    If I use LUA (value change) instead sysex formula how could I use
    luaModulatorgetValueFromMIDI or modulatorValueExpressionReverse ?

    Any example is welcome

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