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    Hi Atom

    Would it be possible to add a feature to the component list. like disconnecting the link between popup bubble draging from the componet Min/Max values, instead of the bubble mirroring whats displayed
    at the bottom of the uilmageSlider . Min/Max, add a customized editable definition with txt
    and link txt against the Min/Max values. If say the Min value 1 /Max value 127
    in the Bubble it would show
    400khz where value 1 = 400khz
    1.6khz value 50 = 1.6kz

    Or a Slider style: RotaryVerticalDrag as a Balance control
    value 1 = L60
    value 127 = R60

    Oh don’t know if it matters I’m using a Ctrl version I build from Git. 3-20-14
    and just a reminder about getting export Linux.so working .

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