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    human fly
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    hi, am now running version 5.3.201 on win10

    i’m having problems copying groups of objects from
    one project file into a new file:

    everything copies across fine, but when i save and re-open
    Ctrlr, all my groups have disappeared or appear overlaid over
    each other.

    it gets worse if i go to Modulator List, select all, and
    ‘make visible on canvas’: every thing gets stacked up and
    loses position.

    how do i avoid this? does everything have to be ‘locked’,
    or have to belong to a Tab?

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    I think there is no way to avoid this. That’s how Ctrlr behaves when copying objects. You will always have to reposition them after copying. “make visible on canvas” does excactly this, it puts an object at the top if you lost it by accidentally setting e.g. 569034 as x-axis position.


    human fly
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    i think ‘make visible is DEFINITELY NOT the thing to do
    at that point, lol. that was catastrophic: everything
    re-aligned to left, horrible, had to bail out and hope
    it didn’t autosave – there was a backup of course, and
    on closer examination, my groups were stashed out of sight
    in the main container, but not on any tabs, and i’m
    pretty sure i left them locked on a tab last time…
    i’ll try again, see what i did wrong.

    the way to copy multiple objects is to have them all
    in a group, locked – and i think each item locked would
    be a good idea. anyway, i’m encouraged that i can do this
    somehow now, just a matter of figuring out how to do it
    reliably, and not screw up hours of work.

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    Make Visible on Canvas, moves the selected object to position 0,0 on the canvas so you can see it if you dragged it outside the canvas or resized it to something invisible.

    Can you take me through the process, what are you selecting, a group of objects – does it mean a group component with some other components inside it, or just a bunch of components selected. What do you mean copy to another project do you copy/paste between two open panels in Ctrlr ?


    human fly
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    yes, i selected ALL items in List 😀 click, shift, scroll to bottom, make
    visible on canvas. zoom, your entire project tries to squeeze into the top
    left corner.

    so now i know not to do that again.
    and i didn’t have to, the groups were there, out of sight because i had
    resized the main window/tabs down, to fit some stuff on the work area
    while i messed around with it and made copies, to be dragged onto
    their respective panes – that kind of thing;

    what it is.. is i decided to rebuild a previous project from scratch:
    i resaved it with all groups and contents deleted, to have empty tabs,
    and rethink the tabs structure, before re-populating it, using the
    groups from the old project, copied across between project windows,
    and fixing these – filling in all the sysex and value ranges etc –
    before copying each group 3 times, because it’s a roland 4-partial
    synth, and then i just have to go through and amend 1 byte rather
    than copy it all in for each parameter.

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