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    Paul Scheidt
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    The more I play with it, the more it seems that the latest version of Ctrlr is busted.

    It shows up Ctrlr-5.5.2.exe on the web and below is the About box contents:
    Version = 5.4.52, Build date = Thu, Mar 30, 2017 6:26:23 PM, Branch = Stable, Juce = 4.3.1, libusb = 1.0.19, liblo = 0.28, lua = Lua 5.1.4, luabind = 0.9.0, boost = 1.57.0,

    There’s errors on every single type of console() function and the demo panels don’t work at all. Anyone else having these issues?

    Is there a “known good” version to roll back to? I saw comments of Lua errors with other newer versions.

    For example, when I load the DEMO – Dialog Windows.bpanelz file, I get 3 error messages about console commands and nothing happens when I click any of the 3 buttons in the panel.


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    The same thing happens to me with the 5.5.2 Version.

    I use the next one down the v5.4.29 and I don’t have any issues with that.

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    When you scroll down the main Ctrlr page you will see the “last stable version”:


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    About the console error: This is a really annoying error. Or maybe a really annoying imcompatibility issue (which is not quite the same, but equally annoying)

    In the Panels I created I try to keep things compatible with different Ctrlr versions.

    The problems are usually somewhere in the Lua code:

    console("This is a message")

    works fine on older versions but makes the latest version crash.

    Instead I now use

    console(String("This is a message"))

    Which seems to work on all Ctrlr versions I have tried.

    Another source of incompatibility are bit operations. In my code I use pure Lua replacements of bit operations that used to require the bit module that is not available in all versions of Ctrlr.

    I think developers of Ctrlr panels should try to test and debug their panels on different more or less recent versions of Ctrlr. With a little workaround often it is possible to make Panels compatible with different versions of Ctrlr. Ctrlr is a powerful but buggy tool – I’m afraid we will have to live with that.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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