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    King PP

    Hi, I’m currently building a panel for the JV (patch edit only for now) & have a problem.

    I’m trying to program a modulator to select the wave for an oscillator which has a maximum value of 255, I’m using MS / LS. On the synth rather than the ‘LS’ value having to reach 7F before the ‘MS’ value is raised to 01….02….03….04…etc is has to reach 0F and then increase the ‘MS’ value.

    The SysEx / formula I have so far is…

    F0 41 10 6A 12 03 00 10 03 MS LS z5 F7

    Here is a grab of what the SysEx output from MIDIQuest looks like…


    …the maximum ‘MS’ value is ‘0F’, so basically it’s 16 x 16 to make 256. (God knows why they’ve made it this complicated)

    Any ideas how to setup a modulator to control this?

    Thanks in advance….. Christopher.


    Fucking Roland crazy inventors. Everytime i see a new spec for a Roland synth it makes my head explode.

    I think you can try “ms ls” (lowercase) this is a 4bit split (MS LS is a 7bit split), that might be what you are looking for but i’m not sure, can you quote from the manual for us so maybe we can get on the right track.


    King PP

    Haha! If only it was that easy, I’ve already tried ‘ms ls’ & they both return values of ’00’. I’ll have a look at the manual & get back to you.

    Thanks, Christopher.


    King PP

    Strange, the ‘ls/ms’ (lowercase) didn’t work when I tried it a few days ago but works perfectly now. Thanks for the input Atom

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