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    I have set the property on labels : that’s very nice
    My problem is want to apply to content mods (i think i can’t )so i can replace by labels. My question is :
    can i use the %n property to send dynamically to label ?
    i can do a table {} but i will have double data in the xml file (content mod + table)
    or possible to add shadow effect by LUA ?

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    Can you please put your questions in numbered points, because i don’t get anu of this. The one thing i got is that shadow effect, yes you can just change the components property, if you can see the property on the property panel you can change it in lua. The property for the shadow is “componentEffect”, the value would be “Shadow”. You can also set other properties too:

    c = panel:getComponent("myComponent")
    c:setProperty ("componentEffect", "Shadow", false)
    c:setProperty ("componentEffectRadius", 2.5, false)
    c:setProperty ("componentEffectColour", "0xff323232", false)

    Thank you Atom
    -Is it possible to aplly to a component child ? ex : uiGroupText ?
    -The “%n property” is : A string format(just..changed modulators)t..
    My question could be “how to use it ? it is done for a label ?”
    But you answer to my basic question. i don’t need to replace by labels
    Just by curiosity….

    Again many thanks


    The problem is the shadow properties will be applied globally to component and i would to apply only to mod value texts. i will try what it gives

    What the property “A string format(just..changed modulators)t..” ?
    I just can’t read what’s this 🙂
    Could you explain a little this property ? For what using ?

    I ask to you that : to replace my mod value texts by labels and then put my mods and labels in their groups.
    On the picture there is 2 layers : 1 for design and 1 for mods
    I could use groups for what they are done at the beginning ! not only for design

    I hope i’m clear , i’m not precise in english

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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