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    NOT to be confused with “display popup bubble wheb dragging”.

    This is an almost unknown feature within ctrlr – that if you hit alt and double click a knob you will get a value entry bubble. A while back, atom you added the ability to customize the look and feel which is great. However the functionality of this feature is a bit flawed when you have the “double click to reset value” toggle enabled on the slider/knob.

    I’d like to suggest that instead of double alt clicking or double command clicking (on a mac) to show this value entry bubble, it shows up when you simply alt+single click the parameter. We can already change the value by typing it in which is great but I would suggest that instead of requiring a second double-click of the parameter to get the bubble to vanish it should just accept the value and hide the bubble if you click anywhere outside the bounds of the parameter.

    The problem with the current implementation should be clear enough to you by just trying it out how it is on a rotary knob that is set to reset it’s value to 0 on a double click. The type in value is moot as you need to double click to get the value window to appear.

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