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    My first post here: thanks to atom for making Ctrlr available! But it’s quite a learning curve for me. I want to set up a mod matrix for various parameters of a synth (VSTi in my case) to be controlled from a common live controller (mod wheel, AT, BC, etc). I want the Ctrlr panel to show the parameters default values and the offsets by which each of them they will be modulated.

    I’ve already set up the back end for this using Plogue Bidule so it works and standard CC messages can be used to report values to Ctrlr and set values from it as well.

    The ideal knob for this would be one where a 0-position would be controlled by the state of the parameter to be modulated, and then modulation depth could be indicated by moving in either direction up or down from it (except for extremes of course). From what I get so far, I don’t think this is possible currently in Ctrl because it would require using two parameters on the same slider and redefining the active “0” point on parameter alteration, as well as keeping a marker on where the un-modulated parameter value is relative to the offsets.

    An alternative I’ve found is to create a knob with only a pointer for the parameter default value and place it behind and around another knob that sets the modulation increment. Like this:

    knob in knob

    This actually is functional but the problem is that I don’t want to interact with the outer parameter knob because its function is just to report the parameter default value. I’ve looked for something in the properties, tried putting it in the background, on another layer, but nothing I do seems to allow me to just have it show a value while avoiding my interaction with it.

    Is this possible at all? TIA for any “pointers”. 😉

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