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    Hi all

    Apologies for the noob question, but I’m having some trouble getting a slider to do my bidding.

    This is what I’m trying to achieve:

    I would like to turn a slider that outputs note on messages, with each slider value corresponding to a different note on the keyboard. So, when a panel is in VST mode, for example, the on screen knob will sweep across the notes of a keyboard when it is turned (all 128 of them).

    I can’t find any way to do this from the modulator’s midi options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can’t (for now)

    Well not just using the properties, the NoteOn type sends notes but it modulates the velocity not the note number, and there is no way to modulate the controller number (the pitch of the note) using just the properties.

    You could do that in Lua by using this single line of code (you need to attach a new method to the slider on the event “Called when the modulator value changed”), this will send a Midi message of type NoteOn with the pitch set as the value of the slider and velocity set to 01.

    panel:sendMidi (CtrlrMidiMessage ({0x90, value, 0x01}),0)

    BUT, it should also be possible when using the SysEx type and just typing in the message as

    90 xx 01

    and that should generate a series of NoteOn messages with velocity 01 and the pitch beeing the value of the slider, but there seems to be a bug where a SysEx formula needs to start with “f0” and this might be an issue within the JUCE Library i use. I promise to have a deeper look at that amd report back.

    I just thought of another way without lua, you can add a MidiKeyboardComponent to the panel “Misc->uiMidiKeyboard” and link your slider to that. The procedure is dumb and i need to fix it but it will work:

    – add a slider
    – add a MidiKeyboard component and name it something like “midiKeyboard”
    – select the slider
    – set the property “If linked to a modulator property, witch modulator” to the name of the kyeboard component you created (midiKeyboard)
    – select View->Refresh property lists
    – re-select the slider
    – set the property “Modulator linked to modulator property” to “modulatorValue”

    that should be it, now your slider controls the MidiKeyboard and the value of the slider will cause the MidiKeyboard to trigger a sequence of NoteOn/NoteOff messages witht the pitch indicated by the slider. You can hide your MidiKeyboarad off screen if you like.

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    Thank you for the response.

    I think I’ll have to try the Lua formula as the midikeyboad linked to a slider method doesn’t appear to work. The midi output monitor reports the linked slider is simply inducing the midikeyboard to send note off messages at a fixed pitch with variable velocity.


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