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    Hi guys, I decided to start a new project and i would like to build a controller panel for my jomox.
    I’ve already built modulators and i would like to add 2 more buttons. The first to get edit buffer values from the synth to the panel modulators and the second to send actual panel values from CTRLR to jomox.
    I would like to do it using SYSEX messages but i never manage that stuff before. I’ve understood the message structure but i need a little help to start.
    Can someone be so kind to make an example on how can i settle LUA scripts to get those goals?
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance….

    P.S. I’ve attached midi implementation table

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    Hi , you need to create LUA function and selest it in the main panel recive message method.
    Example routine could be like this:

    -- Called when a panel receives a midi message (does not need to match any modulator mask)
    -- @midi   CtrlrMidiMessage object
    Recivelist = function(midiMessage)
    if panel:getRestoreState() == true or panel:getProgramState() == true then
    	local messageType = midiMessage:getType()
    	if (messageType == 5 and midiMessage:getSize()~=2) then
    		local s = midiMessage:getSize() -- Size of the midi dump received
    		console ("memory block is "..midiMessage:getSize().." bytes, data:")
    		local recKPAID = midiMessage:getLuaData():getRange(1,3)
        	        local recFunctionCode = midiMessage:getLuaData():getByte(6)
    		local Instance = midiMessage:getLuaData():getByte(7)
    		local recNrpnMSB = midiMessage:getLuaData():getByte(8)
    		local recNrpnLSB = midiMessage:getLuaData():getByte(9)
    		if (recFunctionCode == 0x7e and Instance == 0x00) then
    			if (recNrpnMSB == 04 and recNrpnLSB ==03) then
    				local partialmessage=midiMessage:getData():getRange(10,s-12)
    				elseif (recNrpnMSB == 06 and recNrpnLSB ==03) then
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    I tried this on a d110. i request a dump, and an answer comes (as seen in the monitor), but i think my function never gets called. i put a console call in there, and i cant see anything. also, is there an api reference anywhere?


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    You have to select this method(function) in the right men in Panel Edit Mode “luaPanelMidiRecived” “Called when a panel recives midi message”.

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    Hi Daniel and Wildthing,

    Maybe look through this source code for clues on how to do it – you’ll need a checksum function (for the Roland D-110) – there’s one in there you can use.


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